Our Products

JDH Rubber Products Pte Ltd is divided into two divisions:

Custom Molding

Rubber / Automotive & Engineered Parts Sourcing and Tubular Protectors Manufacturing

The Custom Molding Division designs and develops the mold which creates the final product. Using compression, transfer and injection molding, JDH produces a highly diversified product line ranging from O-rings to more complex parts. In addition, most rubber products that are manufactured by JDH can be bonded to virtually any specified metal.

If you are tired of liaising with different factories to manufacture the various parts of mechanical equipment, at JDH, we custom-make the non-standard parts to suit your requirements.

To complement our product range, JDH supply machined and fabricated thermoset and thermoplastic parts for commercial and industrial applications. The material types include BAKELITE, PTFE (Teflon), UHMW-PE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Ketone) and G10 Fiberglass.

Our products provide protection for tubular goods during haulage from steelworks up to the destination site and hence preventing damage in case of falling, unskilled handling and from unfavorable effects of climate and ambient environment.

  •   Coupling Rubber Bush
  •   Cushion Rubber
  •   Diaphragms
  •   Engine Mounting
  •   Various Repair Kits For Automobile
  •   Rubber Gasket
  •   Rubber Packing
  •   Rubber Bellow
  •   Rubber Bumper
  •   Rubber Rings
  •   Rubber Seals
  •   Rubber Suction Cup / Pads
  •   Rubber Grommet / Plug
  •   Nylon
  •   Delrin (POM) / Anti-Static Delrin / Conductive Delrin
  •   Polyurethane (Brown / Yellow Colour)
  •   Teflon (PTFE) Rod & Cord / Joint Sealant
  •   Teflon Tubing  / Teflon Etch Tape
  •   Expanded Sheet / Carbon
  •   PE / PP
  •   PEEK / UHMW-PE
  •   Molded in injection machines
  •   Easy to be recycled
  •   3 different ALP protectors : Heavy Duty , Standard Duty & Light Duty
  •   Steel cage encapsulated in plastic
  •   Dimensional stability
  •   Anti-corrosion
  •   Colorful surface